#EveryMomCounts: SaveTheNature: ‘Plant A Tree’ (Organic Cotton Thermochromic Bodysuit/Onesie set))

#EveryMomCounts: SaveTheNature: ‘Plant A Tree’ (Organic Cotton Thermochromic Bodysuit/Onesie set))

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This set consist of the following items: (i) Organic Cotton Thermochromic Bodysuit (Short Sleeve) + Organic Cotton Bag (ii) Handmade Organic Cotton Baby Bib (Green) (iii) Organic Cotton Headband (Nature). 

(i) Organic Cotton Thermochromic Bodysuit (Short Sleeve) + Organic Cotton Bag

This Organic Cotton Bodysuit is soft and safe for your little ones. The beauty of this item is that the ‘tree’ pattern changes color, when temperature arises.

The color progression:

  1. Normal body temperature: Green
  2. Increased body temperature: Bright Green
  3. High body temperature: Yellowish Bright Green

It provides a good indication, if your child’s temperature arises/fever. And we as parents, can then take immediate action to ensure that they are in good health.

Organic Cotton: The cotton used in our collections is certified organic by GOTS, which guarantees that our fabrics must be produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically engineered seeds.

Natural Dye: This item uses natural plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal products to dye the fabrics without adding any harmful chemicals. This innovative technology is good for you, your loved ones and our planet.

Thermochromic: The Tree Print have the capability of indicating your little one’s temperature. When the printed tree surface detects a temperature above 37.5°C, the tree color changes to bright green.

Seam: This garment contains specialty seam finish so your child can be comfortable as they should be. This clothing item is crafted with flatlock seams to maintain the smoothness and flawlessness in each stich. Color: Natural. Details: Snap-on opening on crotch and shoulder. Material: Spandex Jersey (95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex). Sizes: 3-6M, 6-9M, 9-12M, 12-24M. Quantity: Short Sleeve Bodysuit 1 piece. Organic Cotton Bag: 1 piece. Certification: GOTS, SGS

(ii) Handmade Organic Cotton Baby Bib (Green) 

This bib design is inspired by the shape of a droplet of water, which represent life of these elephants. This 4-layers handmade bib is soft, gentle and lightweight for your little ones. It's made of linen and organic cotton. Even the ribbon and our brand label are made out of organic cotton. The Green color represents the green nature color of its natural habitat. Quantity: Baby Bib (Green color) 1 piece. Care Instruction: 1 e-card.

(iii) Organic Cotton Headband (Nature) 

The flowers and leaf pattern represents nature’s element. This headband is made of organic cotton, GOTS certified. It’s soft and gentle on the skin for your little ones. Certification: GOTS. Quantity: 1 piece.

This is to support and increase awareness in saving our earth and the environment. This becomes highly important as it provide us food and water to sustain life. Our well-being solely depends on this planet, as it gives food and water to all living things. Hence, it is our responsibility to take good care of mother nature for our future generation.

With every purchase, HKD10 will be donated to the ‘Every Mother Counts’ Foundation. We will also donate on top of this amount too. Together we can make a difference.